Monday, March 4, 2013

Lego/ sky zone birthday

Logan's 6th birthday!

Logan with his classmates (all but one was able to join us)


Foam Pit

The cupcakes I made with Lego people on top.

The party favors. Build your own robots, pictures from Logan (his idea), and lego blocks and people crayons.
The gifts



Gift time

Saturday, January 12, 2013

3 boys, same outfit




It is so funny to see all 3 boys in the same outfit. I wish I had a better picture of Parker but you get the fact that they have all worn this outfit. My grandma, their GG, gave Logan this outfit when he was little. I love the fact that I have 3 little boys and I get to put them in the same outfit each time and have good memories from each kiddo!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

G man

G is getting so big!!! We are working on sitting up these days. He can sit for a couple of seconds by himself. He is also moving ( sliding and rolling) all over the place.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Funday

My husband has been working most weekends for over a month now so I have been on mommy duty nonstop. That is a lot of work. So to make my weekends more doable I started Sunday Funday. I find as many projects off of Pinterest to keep the boys entertained.
Yesterday I had a really rough day and I think it was because we were at home doing nothing most of the day. So I realized this morning that I need Sunday Funday and every other day to be a Funday for my enjoyment probably more than the boys!!!!
Here are some of our past Sunday Fundays:

 You put baking soda in a dish. Then add drops of colored vinegar. You get to watch the reaction that the vinegar and baking soda make. The boys had so much fun with this!!!!

We made GAK,

We put milk in a dish. Then added 3 drops of food coloring. We then touched a q-tip into the milk and nothing really happened.
Then we put a drop of dish soap and the color spread. The boys loved this!

This is corn starch and water. 2 parts corn starch to one part water, and then once it is runny when you touch it but hard in the dish it is just right. P didn't love touching this one:)
I made my Great Aunt Mary's sugar cookies but I colored the dough to get this look. This recipe will be in the KC Star on Dec 19th and I will post the link when it come out.

I used tape to create shapes on the floor. The boys took blocks and filled in the shapes. I should have made them smaller so we could guess how many blocks it took. Then use different sized blocks and predict if it would take more or less. But then these shapes turned into battle zones for Batman and his friends.

We made a thankful tree. I found a clip art image of a leaf. I then folded construction paper and taped the image to the folded the paper and then cut out the shape and I got lots of leaves.  I had planned to write everyday one thing the boys were thankful for, but that never happened. But it still looks fun!
We decorated our large front windows with leaves. I took waxed paper folded it in half. I then had the boys take a knife and shave crayons to get crayon scraps. The crayon scraps went onto the waxed paper, but only on one side of the fold. When there was lots of crayon shavings I folded the waxed paper closed and ironed it.
Then I found leaf clip art and taped it to the waxed paper and cut out the images. Then I just took brown butcher paper and cut out a tree.
 (I really wished I had a crayon sharpener because that would have been the best way to do this.)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Shopping trip

G is growing so fast!!! Today was the first day he has been in the shopping cart like a "big" kid. The other 2 boys were at school so it was a perfect time to try it out. I normally bring my sling (the baby k'tan) in and throw him in that when he gets fussy but I forgot it in the van. So for a couple of isles I was carrying him and pushing a cart. But I just kept going and got all of my shopping done and felt very successful. With the first or second kid I may have really fallen apart but with number three I just keep going. This 3rd kid is a lot of work but you know that each phase is so short so you can enjoy it, even when they are awful phases. I often think " this too shall pass." What an adventure it is with 3 boys.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Read & Build House Party

 Baking the night before
 Rice Krispies Treats that look like Legos

 Lego cupcakes. I used molds that I bought on Amazon. I wanted to color the chocolate but forgot I only had a water based food coloring and that wouldn't work. I also wanted to use the mold to make ice cubes and crayons but I ran out of time.
 Party Favors
 The treat area

 Lego juice boxes
 Lego play area
Lego coloring sheets

Monday, June 25, 2012

Proud Big Brother